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My company just bankrupt. I got so pissed off and had to figure out what could be done. My secretary came into my office and started talking about it which made me even angrier. She understood my situation and wanted to compensate for the loss. All I could ask for is to suck on those big tits. She was a exotic brunette and had a wonderful body. She slowly started seducing me to make me cool down. This is a golden chance for hot, daring sex . I undressed her and the brunette with stockings was so damn hot. I fucked her doggy style which made her pussy so wet and easy to go in and out of. With all the others in the office working we had to be quiet, but I’m sure someone must have heard.

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Stella was a nice student from my class and was really good at Philosophy. I didn’t want to take any strict actions on her as she was mocking a couple of the other students, she was smart, but she was mean. Of course I do know that mocking was an serious offense and was punished by detention, but I knew that would affect her prefer academic records.

So one day, I called her to meet me at my office. She had her boobs bouncing almost out of her dress and I just couldn’t resist staring at them. She caught me red-handed and she wanted to compensate for her act. She undressed herself and her schoolgirl natural big tits with those beautiful pink nipples drove me mad. She came near me and started off with a blowjob. Then she just pushed me towards the sofa and started riding my cock. I was so damn hard and with all the other students running around outside, my door wasn’t even locked! I would say this was the best daring sex anyone could have.

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I had a wonderful day today. I went to my friend Adam’s place for dinner. He was a good friend of mine and he had one sexy wife. Everyone wants to have a redhead chick like Amarna Miller as their wife but fate plays a role. He got so drunk he passed out  and I had to take him to his room and put him to sleep.

I came back to the living room within a couple of minutes and saw an angel with black lingerie and stockings. With my friends in the next room, I was not so sure, but daring sex had always been a personal fantasy. It was the best watching my friend’s hot wife like that. I sat next to her and she confessed that my friend couldn’t satisfy her much. This was the right time; I took my cock out and made her deep throat. I fucked her so hard she couldn’t help but scream. After that, we made sure her man had too many drinks when I came over.

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I always masturbated thinking of my friend’s mom, hot big tits blond Summer Rose. She was so sexy that she could even make a dead man hard. I had come over to his place looking for him one day, but he wasn’t there. All I could see is his mom with those big tits, inviting me over for lemonade. I knew that his father was on a golf vacation with his buddies. I forcefully kissed her hard and pushed her towards the sofa and undressed her. She resisted me at first but eventually she enjoyed it when I started to suck on her tits.

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We fucked all day and she teased my cock so good that no one ever has done it the same way. After all, those hardcore fucking sessions, she took my cock out of her pussy and gave me one hell of a blowjob. I couldn’t resist and had cum surprise all over her face, it was so much, she had to spit part of it. This is my most daring sex experience, and I’m dying to do it again.

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My daughter had gone to Las Vegas on a business trip. God I missed her so much, she always kept me company since her mom had left us. One fine day, her friend Sienna Day came looking for her. I escorted her inside and had a good chat, offered her some lemonade, and started sharing with her how it was to be single father and also told her how much I loved and missed my daughter.
This made her horny as she knew that my freaky hard big cock wanted some pussy. She slowly started to stroke my thighs and this eventually turned me on. I undressed her and this busty blond Sienna Day started to suck on my hard cock. Slowly she started to ride me  which made both of us even hornier. With all the hard fucks and pussy to mouth actions, this was indeed to be note and repeat.

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Fucking a pornstar is always every man’s dream come true. But what if your new client turns out to be a pornstar? I had gone to her place to discuss  the current projects and this blonde milf Tia Layne, who I was working for was all alone. When asked she told me that her husband had gone shopping. This was the best chance to make my dream come true, I started to flirt with her and that turned her on.

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I slowly started rubbing my hands on her thighs and kissed her so hard. This mature big tits pornstar sure knew the trick to turn on a man. She grabbed my cock and gave it a good hand job; then insisted me to make it quick as her husband would turn up soon. I licker her pussy all wet and fucked her so hard that I feel like a whole new man.

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My best friend’s girlfriend was so hard to resist. I used to masturbate thinking of her all the time. One day I had called them over to my house after their boat party. So as you can guess, my best friend was so drunk and passed out on my bed. I made her sit in the sofa and had a good chat with her. I confessed how I felt towards her, not love, but desire. This made her smile, and sure made her wet.

She slowly started to rub my big dick and gave it a good blowjob. As this was my first and last chance to fuck her, I fucked her so hard that she moaned loud. I had to shut her mouth up because he might wake up and break the mood for us, so I cover her mouth as I thrusted deep inside her. Fucking your best friend’s girlfriend was one of the most daring fantasies I have ever made a reality.

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I thank life for giving me a wonderful hot wife. I had never cheated on her since she never fails to satisfy me. We had gone on a  road trip to spen a long weekend together, leaving the kids with my parents. We booked a room on a motel on the way to relax. There was a hot tub that was placed on the outdoors, a beautiful woods setting. I wanted to go and have a wonderful time out there. After a few minutes there she was with those big bouncy tits and sat next to me on the hot tub, we knew we were the only booked room, so she came out topless.

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She stroked my cock so hard while I started to suck those heavenly tits. Fucking my wife on a hot tub was always a fantasy for me, and fucking her on the great outdoors was even a greater one. She is not only physically perfect, but also lets me cum on her face, fucked up facial, every time. It was daring sex for sure. But it was unforgettable.  My wife always wants to go back whenever we get time to get away from everyday life.

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I was out of town for a business trip. I booked a room in a hotel. The next day I had meeting with my clients and there she was blonde chick from the client table, she was just stunning. After the meeting was over I took her to my hotel bar to discuss some matters that had to be solved, but eventually we ended up in my room, with one too many drinks . Small tits Andy Brown had some great qualities to herself.

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She had given me the best blowjob ever and I licked her pussy so wet that she had squirt on my face. I could still remember the day I fucked her in every position available in the  Kamasutra and she loved it so much. She then requested me to call her up anytime when I was in town. I was daring sex, because I realized the next morning I could have lost my job! Good thing she loved my project.

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My mom had always taught that I was weak in studies, she was always pushing me harder and all I wanted to do was party. . So she hired a tutor for me. Her name was Kayla Green, bit tits babe—freaking hot. Whenever she came home I would just look at her tits all the time. She even noticed that and pretended that she didn’t. One day, mom was out with her friends and she had come home to tutor me on math. I hated math. This was my golden chance to bang her, and I knew she wanted it too. Slowly, she started rubbing her big tits against my body and I could just feel her hard nipples. It was daring sex, but I could not resist. I kissed her so hard and went down on me, she was great at sucking cock. We fucked for a couple of hours and I went crazy when she put her ass up and face down for me. She then took my cock out and I shot a hot load on her face.

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